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A 26 year old moped rider who was seriously injured in a collision with a car, wins his claim for leg injury compensation.

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Claim case details:

Mr B was riding his moped to work early in the morning when a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction, swerved into his path and collided with his moped. He was knocked off into the road, and as a result of the collision he suffered serious injuries requiring extensive hospital treatment.

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Mr B was taken to hospital where x rays revealed he had sustained an open fracture of his right tibia and fibula. He was also treated for soft tissue injuries to his left foot and wrist. As well as suffering physical injury he also displayed symptoms of post traumatic stress.

After being admitted to hospital he underwent three surgical procedures over the course of several days. His fracture required a tibia nail and locking bolts, and his soft tissue injuries required skin grafts. Following his surgery he had an intensive course of physiotherapy

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Motorbike riders are always at greater risk of injury in an accident than car drivers.

Mr B was initially in hospital for two weeks and had to undergo a second procedure a year later to remove the metal work. In addition to surgery on his fracture, the injuries to his leg required cosmetic surgery.

Following his release from hospital he was absent from work for several months. When he was finally able to return to work he found there were certain tasks he was unable to carry out and so he lost his job.

Despite the pain and discomfort he experienced during his painful rehabilitation, he was able to secure other work but at a lower rate of pay.

Compensation payout.

Fatal accident compensation can help you gain financial stability after a breadwinner’s death.

After his accident made a claim against the other driver’s insurers who admitted full liability. After the full extent of his injuries and the likely prognosis as to his recovery were known, a payout of £46,000 was agreed for his pain, suffering, loss of earnings and medical care.

As the case of Mr B illustrates motorcycle riders are far more likely to suffer to serious injury in a collision.

If you have been knocked off your bike and injured in an accident that was not your fault you could be due a payout. Relatives of a loved one who was fatally injured in an accident on the road which caused by the negligence of another driver, are also entitled to make a claim on their behalf.

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