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£5,000 Successful Housing Disrepair Claim

Successful housing disrepair claim for tenants whose kitchen floor crumbled as a result of a long standing leak.

Our client moved into a council-owned, two-bedroom, third floor flat in 2015 and first reported issues in her kitchen in 2000.  There had been a leak from the pipes under the sink which the landlord stopped, however the leak had weakened the floorboards which broke whilst our client was stood at the sink unit causing her to fall into the void space. Climbing out of the void space resulted in two further holes being caused through the floorboards.

The landlord attended several weeks after our client fell through the floor to place a loose piece of chipboard over the holes.  The contractors told our client that they had not been instructed to screw this board to the existing flooring.

The surveyor recommended that the floorboards be taken up and any damaged insulation from the leak and fall be removed and replaced with new.  They recommended new chipboard floorboarding be installed (same material as the existing floorboards) and finished with a new polysafe vinyl floor covering being laid with a new kitchen sink cupboard being installed.

The landlord cooperated with negotiations and Imperium Law reached a settlement with £5,000 being awarded to our client and all repairs completed within 90 days.

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