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Injured diner receives a payout for her pain and suffering.

If you have fallen and were injured in an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to claim on the public liability insurance of the premises where you fell.

This was the case for Mrs B who suffered a fall in a restaurant whilst eating out with friends.

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Claim case: Mrs B met a group of friends in a restaurant for dinner. They waited in the bar area before being taken to their table in the main restaurant.

To get to their table they were led down poorly lit irregular stairs with no hand rail.

Mrs B fell sustaining several injures including torn ligaments and a fractured clavicle. She was taken to the local hospital for treatment, but unfortunately her fracture failed to heal and she required subsequent surgery making her immobile for several weeks.

The injuries she suffered caused significant disruption to her life. She lived alone and needed help to carry out domestic tasks within her home.

For more than two years after the accident she continued to suffer problems which required further treatment and investigation.

Winning a payout

A claim was made again the restaurant’s public liability insurers who eventually agreed a £5,100 settlement.

Making a claim

If you have fallen, tripped or slipped in a public place call us at Imperium Law for a no-obligation chat to find out if you could be due compensation.

Perhaps you tripped on cables that should have been secured, slipped on a wet floor that was being cleaned or fell down poorly maintained steps. Whatever the circumstance of your accident, if you were not to blame it may be possible to claim.

After an accident seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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