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A former electrician is awarded compensation for hearing loss after years of exposure to excessive noise at work.

Your employer has a duty to protect you from harm at work.

The 58 year old RMT member was employed during the 1970s at Stothert & Pitt as an apprentice electrician.

Between 1972 and 1977 he was exposed to excessive noise at work, at no point was he offered ear protection by his employer or warned that he could suffer from NIHL.

After leaving Stothert & Pitt he went to Isis Plant where he worked as a welder, his exposure to loud noise continued and once again he was not warned of the risk or the likelihood his hearing could be damaged.

As the result of continued exposure to excessive noise over a 12 year period he developed tinnitus.

Experiencing constant and painful ringing in his ears prompted him to seek medical advice. He was diagnosed with NIHL by a specialist.

Had adequate hearing protection been provided he could had avoided hearing loss and so he was awarded a payout of £6,000.

If your employer has failed in their duty of care and was at fault for your damaged hearing, you could receive compensation.

How much could my claim be worth?

The level of payout you could receive depends on the circumstances of your case. Hearing loss compensation can range from between £4,000 for slight or occasional hearing loss to £70,000 for complete hearing loss.

  • Complete hearing loss in both ears – £50,000 to £70,000.
  • Complete hearing loss in one ear – £17,500 to £29,000.
  • Serious hearing loss with severe tinnitus – £16,000 to £29,000.
  • Moderate tinnitus or hearing loss – £8,000 to £15,000.
  • Slight tinnitus or occasional hearing loss – £4,000 to £7,000.

How much compensation you could receive very much depends on the severity of your hearing damage and the circumstances of your case.

For legal advice and to discuss your claim in more detail speak to a specialist NIHL solicitor at Imperium Law on 0800 633 5730.

Why choose Imperium Law to act on your behalf?

  • With are specialist solicitors in hearing loss law.
  • We have years of experience successfully winning claims.
  • We are here for you through every stage of the process.
  • We will work tirelessly on your behalf to get you the maximum compensation.
  • We work on a ‘No Win -No Fee’ basis.
  • You only pay us if we win you a payout.

Our director Philip Jackson has years of experience and a proven track record successfully winning hearing claims and payouts.  He and his team of solicitors are dedicated to getting the maximum compensation award possible.

Making a compensation claim.

There is a strict time limit to making a claim, which is 3 months from diagnosis or becoming aware of hearing problems and so you need to act as soon as possible.

For some people symptoms may not become apparent until years after exposure to loud noise, if this is the case and you no longer work for the same company were can still act on your behalf to make a claim. Even if your employer has ceased trading we can trace the insurer and make a claim for compensation your behalf.

To confidentially discuss your claim in more detail call us on 0800 633 5730 or fill in our call-back form.

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