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If you have received negligent medical treatment seek legal advice from one of our solicitors on 0800 633 5730.

You could be entitled to a payout for your pain, suffering, loss of earnings and ongoing medical treatment.

Find out if you are entitled to make a claim. Call a medical negligence solicitor on 0800 633 5730.

Claim example:

A19 year old who injured his wrist playing football was left for a year with a fractured scaphoid bone because doctors failed to spot his injury.

After suffering an injury during a football match the teenager who was still in significant pain the next morning, was taken to A&E by his mother. After arriving at hospital he was examined by a nurse practitioner who noted that while his wrist was tender there was neither bruising or an open wound.

While an xray was taken it was not of the scaphoid and so he was sent home without his wrist being strapped or a follow up appointment.

For several months following his hospital examination he suffered on-going wrist pain, and after visiting his GP he was recommended a course of physiotherapy.

If you have had suffered because of a delayed or misdiagnosis you are entitled to highlight the failing and seek a payout to compensate you for your suffering.

A year on from his injury whilst playing rugby he once again experienced significant pain and sought medical attention. On this occasion his injury was correctly diagnosed.

After xrays and further investigation it was revealed his injury was not new but a fracture which was sustained a year earlier playing football.

Delayed diagnosis of fractures and broken bones is not only painful, it can also lead to a reduction in strength, an inability to carry out routine tasks and may require an operation to put things right.

The teenager needed a bone graft and a cast to heal the fracture which had become difficult to treat because it had been left undiagnosed for so long.

Had he been correctly treated at the time of his injury he would have been in a cast for a few short weeks. The failure to correctly diagnose his injury had left him in pain for over a year, reduced his ability to carry out day to day activities and resulted in his having to under go an avoidable surgical procedure.

In settlement of his claim £17,500 was awarded in recognition of his pain and suffering.

Why choose Imperium Law to represent you?

  • At Imperium Law we have dedicated personal injury claim solicitors who are  specialists in this area of the law.
  • We have extensive experince winning payouts for our clients.
  • We work to get you the maximum payout possible.
  • We can represent you on a ‘No Win-No Fee’ basis so  no need to worry about paying a fee. We only ask you to pay our costs if we win your medical negligence claim.

To find out if you are entitled to make a claim speak to one of our personal injury solicitors on 0800 633 5730.

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