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Imperium Law has successfully achieved compensation payouts for former Stoke on Trent area factory workers suffering industrial hearing loss.

If you have suffered industrial deafness because of your job, you could be entitled to claim for hearing loss.

This has been the case for former workers employed at five factories in the Stoke on Trent area. Many have been entitled to claim thousands in compensation for hearing loss, because their employers failed to provide ear protectors.

The five firms concerned are :

Bamfords Limited based in Uttoxeter.
Brittains Paper Limited based in Cheddleton.
Courtaulds Textiles based in Leek.
TM Birkett Billington and Newton based in Hanley.
Johnson Bros based in Hanley.

Our compensation solicitors have already successfully claimed payouts for several employees.

Am I entitled to make an industrial deafness claim?

In 1963 the  Department of Industry issued a warning to all employers, advising that workers exposed to excessive noise could experience hearing damage. However it is generally acknowledged that up until the 1980s, firms did little to protect workers hearing.

Any worker employed after 1963 who has suffered industrial hearing loss, is advised to contact a compensation solicitor to see what they maybe entitled to.

What can you do if you have suffered industrial hearing loss?

If you feel your hearing has been affected, we can help you claim a compensation payout. However it's important that you act quickly. Compensation claims are likely to be more successful if they are made within three years of noticing the hearing loss.

Compensation awards are likely to be in the region of £4,000 – £6,000 (some claims maybe more), you can also claim for a top of the range hearing aid. Each case is different so contact us to find out how much compensation you are likely to receive if your claim is successful.

We can help you claim for loss of hearing.

Our solicitors take on deafness claims on a No Win No Fee basis.

We believe workers suffering permanent hearing loss are entitled to a compensation payout from their employers, and we do everything we can to make this happen.

Call one of our specialist compensation lawyers on 0800 633 5730, and let us review your case. 

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