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Are you eligible for accident at work compensation?

If you have been unfortunate and have been involved in an accident at work you could be entitled to compensation from your employer.

If your accident was caused by employer negligence call 0800 633 5730 to find out how much you could claim.

At Imperium Law we have years of experience winning compensation for injured workers, one such case example was that of Mr Y who was awarded £7,500 after injuring his leg falling over the raised forks of a fork lift truck.

Whatever the reason or nature of your accident you may have a case against your employer if you were injured whilst at work and it was not your fault.

While the vast majority of employers follow health and safety guidelines to the letter and protect their workers accident do still happen.

A call to Imperium Law can get you the payout you deserve for your pain and suffering.

In some cases accidents happen because of employer negligence, for instance perhaps you were not properly trained to use equipment at work and suffered an injury, or slipped and hurt your back on a wet floor or fell from height having not been given the correct equipment.

Are you entitled to claim?

UK employers are legally responsible for their staff's safety and welfare. All UK businesses must have liability insurance and comply with UK Health and Safety Regulations. In the event of an accident, if it can be proved your employer was at fault then you are entitled to make a claim against their insurers.

Even if it is shown you were partly at fault, you may still be able to claim compensation if it can be proved your employer was the main instigator of your injury.

Contact a solicitor on 0800 633 5730 for claims advice. 

A work claim can be made for injuries caused by for example:

  • defective equipment.
  • dangerous machinery.
  • toxic substances.
  • no safety equipment or protective clothing.
  • the negligent action of a co-worker.
  • falling objects.
  • slipping a wet floor which should have been dried.

Claim time limits.

You have 3 years from when you were injured to bring a claim against your employer. To avoid missing out on compensation you are advised to contact a solicitor as soon as you have been medically examined and your injury treated.

Types of work injury you can claim for include:

  • burns and scalds.
  • amputations.
  • head injury.
  • spinal injury.
  • loss of hearing.
  • loss of sight.

Choosing the right solicitor.

As compensation claims can be complex you should seek the advice of a specialist solicitor with a proven track record winning claims. At Imperium Law we have a specialist team of injury lawyers led by our company director Philip Jackson who is an expert in injury law.

Why choose us to represent you?

  • We have extensive experience representing employees in their injury claims.
  • We work on a 'No Win-No Fee' basis.
  • We have many years of claims successes behind us.
  • We specialise in work injury claims.
  • We are dedicated to winning the maximum compensation award possible.
  • We investigate your claim to provide the evidence needed.
  • We support you through every stage of the claims process.

For no-obligation claims advice to find out what you could receive in compensation, speak to a 'No Win-No Fee' solicitor on 0800 633 5730.