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Can You Make a Claim for Industrial Deafness?

Compensation payouts for industrial deafness.

If you have suffered industrial deafness after being subjected to loud noise at work, you could be due a compensation payout from your employer.

As part of UK Health and Safety regulations, every employer is required to provide their employees with adequate training, safety guidance and suitable protective equipment. In addition employers are also required to perform regular risk assessments to identify and minimise health risks.

Works suffering industrial deafness are entitled to injury compensation.

Industrial deafness is classed as an injury, and so workers who have suffered loss of hearing are entitled to claim compensation.

Since the introduction of the 2005 Noise at Work Act, employers have been required to assess risk for their workers. Any risks identified must be prevented or reduced.

Many workplaces have loud noises. For example factories that use noisy machinery can expose a worker to risk of hearing loss. Workers should be provided with ear protectors and supervised in the wearing of them.

If your employer failed to do this, and you have sustained hearing damage as a result, you maybe entitled to claim industrial deafness compensation.

What kind of workers are at risk of work related hearing loss?

Musicians, nightclub bar staff and road workers are at risk, along with transport workers, factory workers and construction industry workers. Military personal subjected to the noise of explosions are also likely to suffer hearing loss.

How large could my compensation payout be?

If you are eligible for compensation from your employer, the payout is dependent on whether your employer was negligent in protecting your health. It also depends on how much damage has been done to your hearing.

Each claim is unique, and therefore it is difficult to advise compensation amounts without reviewing the details of your individual working circumstances, and extent of hearing damage.

If you think that your employer has been negligent in protecting your health, should speak with us and we can give you free legal advice. We can assess your claim for compensation and advise a likely payout.

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