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Costs and Fees in Housing Disrepair Claims

The prospect of hidden costs and fees can deter many from pursuing a housing disrepair claim, despite enduring unacceptable living conditions. Understanding the financial implications, including the ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangements offered by firms like Imperium Law, is crucial for anyone considering such a claim.

‘No Win, No Fee’ Explained

The ‘No Win No Fee’ model is designed to alleviate the financial burden on the claimant. Essentially, it means that if your case does not succeed, you will not be liable to pay any legal fees. Imperium Law, along with other legal firms specialising in housing disrepair, often operate under this arrangement, providing clients with the assurance that they can pursue justice without upfront costs.

Potential Costs

While the ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement removes the risk of paying for your solicitor’s services should your claim not succeed, there are potential costs that claimants should be aware of:

  1. Insurance: Some cases may require After The Event (ATE) insurance to cover the costs should the claim not succeed.  This insurance protects you against the risk of paying the other side’s costs and any other disbursements.
  2. Success Fees: If your claim is successful, your solicitor may charge a success fee, which is a percentage of the compensation awarded. This fee compensates the solicitor for the risk they take by handling your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.  Imperium Law, as with many solicitors, will agree on this percentage with you beforehand, ensuring transparency.

Compensation and Deductions

When your housing disrepair claim is successful, as well as ensuring that the disrepair issues are dealt with, you may receive compensation to cover various damages, including inconvenience, health issues, and damage to personal property.  It’s important to note that while you receive the majority of the compensation, a portion may be deducted as a success fee for your solicitor, under the agreement made at the start of your case, and the cost of ATE will also become payable to the insurer.

Why Choose Imperium Law?

Choosing Imperium Law for your housing disrepair claim offers several advantages:

  • Expertise: Specialising in housing disrepair, Imperium Law brings a wealth of experience and a successful track record to your case.
  • No Hidden Costs: Transparency about any potential costs or fees is a cornerstone of their service, ensuring you’re fully informed from the outset.
  • Personalised Service: Every case is unique, and Imperium Law treats it as such, tailoring their approach to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the costs and fees associated with making a housing disrepair claim is vital before embarking on this legal journey. With firms like Imperium Law offering ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangements, the financial risk to claimants is significantly reduced, making it easier for tenants to seek the repairs and compensation they deserve.  Always discuss the potential costs and the process in detail with your solicitor to ensure clarity and confidence as you proceed with your claim.