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Solicitors settle equal pay dispute. University to pay out £750,000 in employee back-pay.

A group of male Swansea University workers have won £30,000 compensation each, in settlement of their sex discrimination pay claim.

Based solely on sex, it is unlawful to pay an employee less than a colleague doing a similar job under the Equality Act 2010.

If you are being discriminated against on the basis of your gender, you are entitled to make a claim against your employer

While a large proportion of unequal pay disputes are women making claims against their employer, men are also protected by the act and are entitled to make a claim for sexual discrimination.

This point was recently highlighted by the case of 26 male university workers who brought a claim for equal pay against the University of Wales.

The group of male cleaners, plumbers and carpenters who brought the landmark case, were employed by Swansea University when it merged with the University of Wales.

When their employment contract was taken over in the merger, they discovered that they were being paid £4000 less per year than female employees on the same pay grade. Their case was taken to tribunal.

After winning their claim, the university agreed to review the mens' salaries and pay back-pay which could total £750,000.

If you are experiencing pay related gender discrimination, our specialist solicitors can help you bring a case against your employer.

Making an equal pay claim.

Whether you are male or female, as an employee you are entitled to equal pay.

When making a claim it is necessary to cite an example of a colleague of the opposite sex who is:

  1. doing a job comparable to your own.
  2. has better employment terms and salary than your own.

The work you do must be:

  • equivalent under a job evaluation scheme.
  • broadly similar in nature.
  • equal value in terms of demands.

It is then down to your employer to prove any pay difference is due to factors other than gender.

If you win you can claim back pay for the last 6 years, your employment contract will also be amended so that it is equal to your colleague.

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