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Example Motorbike Accidents That Can Result in a Claim for Compensation

Motorbike accident compensation claims.

Imperium Law's motorbike accident claims department has been successful in achieving  compensation payouts for many bike riders.

If you are a biker and you have been injured in a collision caused by another driver, we can help you claim compensation. If you speak to one of our advisers we can give you an idea of what your likely payout will be.

Examples of successful motorbike compensation claims.

Below are a few examples of motorbike accidents that have left riders in a position to claim compensation. These are not the only situations for which you can claim, so contact us to review your case.

Compensation claimed for a collision at a junction.

Our solicitors worked on behalf of a claimant who experienced an accident when a car pulled out on him. The car driver did not see him coming down the road on his motorcycle, and so failed to give way. As a result of the collision the rider was left with a broken leg and unable to work in his courier business.

We successfully claimed a compensation payout for his broken leg, loss of earnings and damaged property.

Compensation claimed for a collision while overtaking.

We worked on behalf of a female biker, who was overtaking a car on the motorway. Unfortunately the other car did not see her on her motorbike and she was knocked off and left with several injuries.

We successfully claimed compensation against the car driver’s insurance to cover her injuries and damaged motorbike.

Compensation claimed for accidents caused by a diesel spillage.

We have been successful in claiming compensation for clients who have had the misfortune to come across a diesel spillage in the road. Accidents caused by diesel spills can be challenging to prove. However if you contact us as soon as possible, we can review your case to see if you are entitled to a compensation payout.

Compensation claimed for accidents caused by poor road conditions.

Not all motorbike accidents are caused by another driver, some accidents are caused by road conditions. Road defects can be more dangerous for motorbikes than cars. Potholes, mud and spillages can all present a hazard for motorbike riders.

If your accident was caused by poor road conditions contact one of our claims solicitors to see if you can make a claim for compensation. We can approach the local authority or whoever is responsible for maintaining the road. 

Call us to find out if you can claim compensation for a motorbike accident that was not your fault. 

Contact one of our experienced solicitors to discuss your motorbike accident compensation case on 0800 633 5730.