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£1,000 compensation payout for a woman released from hospital with a gauze pack in her body.

Thanks to Imperium Law's clinical negligence team, an NHS patient is to receive a payout after health-carers failed to remove a gauze pack from her body following a routine operation.

There are around 4.6 million surgical procedures performed each year in the UK, and while the majority of operations go without a hitch errors do happen.

Cases of surgical equipment being left in a patient's body after an operation are becoming increasing common, and where this has happened a claim can be made for compensation.

Claim case example:

If you have received negligent treatment from a health care professional call our medical claims team on 0800 633 5730.

Imperium Law recently successfully settled a compensation claim on behalf of a patient who was left with a gauze pack in her body following an operation.

Ms S had a routine operation at her local hospital in Devon, her procedure went well and she was released from hospital.

Following her release Ms S began to feel unwell, and began to experience further symptoms such as pressure in the area of her operation and difficultly walking.

If you have experienced negligent medical treatment you are entitled to make a claim

After a visit to her doctor she was prescribed antibiotics, however this did nothing to relieve her symptoms.

Feeling no better she returned to her local hospital, where she was examined and a gauze pack from the operation was discovered in her body. The gauze pack should have been removed a day after her operation, however her health-carers failed to carry this out.

After the object was eventually removed Ms S went on to make a full recovery.

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Having suffered pain and suffering following her operation she contacted our legal team to begin a claim.

We reviewed her case and made a claim against the hospital where she was treated. 

With our help the hospital quickly admitted liability for the incident and made her an offer,  a £1,000 settlement was agreed.

Claiming compensation.

Leaving an object inside a body after an operation is a serious error, and one which can cause severe pain, infection and even death.

Whether you received treatment from the NHS or a private hospital, Imperium Law can make a claim on your behalf. 

For confidential advice and to discuss your claim in detail, call our clinical negligence team on freephone 0800 633 5730.


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