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Motorcycle accident claim

Record motorcycle accident claim payout for physiotherapist left paralysed after a crash.

A motorcyclist has been awarded £1.4 million in compensation after a 10mph smash left her unable to walk.

In October 2008 physiotherapist Nerys Pearce was slowly progressing through standing London traffic when she was hit by a car which was illegally reversing over a raised kerb. .

At the time of the accident, she suffered a broken leg, whiplash and she strained her right shoulder. Doctors initially described her injuries as minor and estimated a 6 month recovery time. However, within weeks of the accident, she began to experience numbness and tingling in her legs.

After further examination, doctors diagnosed her as suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which affects an arm or a leg before going on to spread throughout the entire body.

Five years on and Ms Pearce has been left unable to walk. She has gone from being an active person who trained 23 hours a week with the Territorial Army, to being wheelchair-bound with no movement in her lower body.

After 5 years of legal wrangling with the defendant’s insurance company Ms Pearce’s compensation case was recently settled.

The case was settled in court where the defendant was found to be 100% at fault, and £1.4 million in compensation was agreed for injury and loss of earnings.

Making a claim for motorbike compensation.

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