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NHS Blunders. Cancer sufferer sues Lewisham Hospital Trust

A 29 year old terminally ill patient is to receive compensation after suing the NHS for failing to spot her cervical cancer.

In April 2009 Ms Harryman underwent a routine smear test at Lewisham Hospital, she was told that her test results were normal and was advised to have a routine check up in 3 years.

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Within months she experienced bladder problems and abnormal bleeding. Further tests in November 2010 revealed a tumor on her cervix. Ms Harryman underwent both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, however the treatment failed and the cancer spread to her lymph nodes.

Delays in both diagnosis and treatment allowed her cancer to spread to other parts of her body, because of NHS failings her illness is now  incurable and she is terminally ill.

University Hospital Lewisham has admitted liability and court proceedings have been issued for compensation. It is hoped that a payout can be quickly agreed to fund ongoing treatment and loss of earnings.

NHS claim cases rise in number.

The case of Ms Harryman is the latest to highlight failures within the NHS.

Staff shortages and funding cuts are putting increasing strain on the UK health service which is struggling to cope.

Negligent treatment complaints are on the increase, last year 16,000 patients lodged complaints against NHS practitioners. Figures from the NHS Litigation Authority reveal that in order to cover claims around 20% of the total health service budget has to put aside every year for compensation.

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Successful medical negligence claims.

If you placed your trust in the NHS and you received negligent care you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

By making a claim you could not only receive a payout for your pain and suffering, you could also highlight NHS failings to prevent other patients suffering in the same way.

To be successful in your claim and receive a payout it must be proved that the treatment you received was negligent, and that this negligence directly led to your injury or medical problems. Independent expert medical opinion is needed to show the link between negligence and harm.

Claim time limits.

There is a three year time limit when making an NHS claim and this starts from the date you were treated

There maybe an extension to this time limit on claims for a patient who has died or for patients with reduced mental capacity.

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