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Northern Rail train conductor receives payout after injury at work.

A train conductor seriously injured on a collapsed station platform has won an undisclosed payout from his employers for his pain, suffering and loss of earnings.

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The former train conductor who was employed by Northern Rail, suffered injury after falling between the station platform and the train he was exiting. He was helping passengers safely get off the train when the edge of the platform he was standing on suddenly crumbled and he fell onto the track.

He sustained a serious injury to his right knee which required surgery and intensive physiotherapy. In addition he also underwent painful shock-wave therapy to aid his recovery.

In spite of the treatment he received to his knee he remains in pain and has been advised by doctors that he will never fully recover.

He injury has left him with long term damage. He is unable to stand for long periods which has meant he has had to leave his job as a conductor. At work he is now restricted to 'light' duties, and the intensive therapy he still needs requires a lot of time off work which has led to a loss of earnings.

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Compensation claim.

After being injured at work through no fault of his own he decided to seek legal advice.  A claim was then made against his employer Northern Rail.

It was shown that Northern Rail had failed to make a proper risk assessment of the platform, and he was injured because of the failure to perform adequate health and safety checks and make necessary repairs. It was fortunate there hadn't been a fatality, as if the platform had crumbled and someone had fallen as a high speed train approached someone could have been killed.

Due to the extent of his injury and his loss of earnings a settlement of an undisclosed sum was agreed to give him future financial security.

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