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Optical Express have been ordered to pay £500,000 compensation following botched eye surgery.

The high court has awarded a half million pound settlement to a young woman whose vision was damaged by laser surgery at Optical Express.

Ms. H a 28 year old woman from Gosport experienced permenant eye damage after botched laser surgery caused her to suffer extreme photophobia. She now constantly needs to wear sunglasses and has to light her home with candles due to extreme light sensitivity and blurred vision.

Circumstances of the claim:

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After seeing an Optical Express corrective eye surgery advert on the T.V, Ms H decided to make an appointment with one of the company's optometrists to discuss laser surgery.

During the course of her consultaton she was encouraged to have the surgery by the optometrist who said she had also had laser treatment and her eye sight was now 'brilliant'.

After hearing the benefits of surgery Ms H decided to go ahead with the procedure, unfortunately little was said of the risks. After the treatment Ms H reported that her eyesight was hazy and that she felt sick and shocked. She was told by the surgeon everything was fine, she was then given eye drops and told she was fit to leave the premises.

Some time later still suffering vision problems she returned to the optometrist, who once again said she was fine and told her to keep taking eye drops. On seeking a second opinion Ms H was told things were not fine, in fact she was suffering photo-phobia and her case was so extreme no further treatment was possible.

If you have suffered injury at the hands of a negligent healthcare professional you are entitled to highlight the failings and make a claim.

Since her laser surgery Ms. H's life has changed completely, she can longer carry out routines tasks due to a fear of falling and so has had to seek a great deal help from friends.

A claim for compensation was made which went to the high court. The judge ruled in her favour advising that she had not been sufficiently warned of the risks of surgery and possible complications.

Optical Express and the surgeon who carried out the procedure were held liable for her injury, they were ordered to pay £567,287 in compensation for her pain and suffering. Her settlement included a large payment for loss of future earnings as her ability to work was significantly reduced by her damaged vision.

Making a negligence claim.

If you have been harmed in a medical procedure you are entitled to make a claim for compensation for your pain, suffering and other losses.

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