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Road accident claims

The widow of a paratrooper killed in a motorcycle accident receives a substantial compensation award.

A £95,000 road accident claim payout has been awarded to an army sergeant’s widow.

Sergeant Philip Train, a 34 year old paratrooper, was killed in a motorcycle accident outside his Colchester army base. He died when his motorbike smashed into the side of an army mini-bus which had turned into his path.

Following his death his widow brought a claim for compensation against the Ministry of Defence.

Her case was referred to the High Court, where the judge ruled that compensation was due to Sergeant Train's widow. The MoD was ordered to pay £95,00 in damages.

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The evidence presented in court showed that both the minibus driver Private Korsinah and Sergeant Train were at fault, the compensation eventually agreed took into account each party's liability for the accident.

The initial award was £475,000 based on Private Korsinah's 100% liability. However liability for the accident was divided and Sergeant Train was said to be 80% to blame. As the driver of the minibus was 20% at fault, Mrs Train was awarded compensation totalling 20% of the £475,000 initially awarded.

Claiming compensation for a road accident.

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When claiming for injury or death after a road traffic accident, the amount eventually paid out will depend on liability and how much you or your deceased loved one contributed to the accident.

If you have had an accident and it was not your fault then you will receive 100% of the compensation awarded.

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Not only can we get you compensation for pain and suffering caused by the accident, we can also claim for loss of income and damage to property.

Compensation awards vary according to the nature and severity of the injury, therefore you are advised to discuss your case with a personal injury expert to see how much your claim could be worth.

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