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Tips To Avoid Accidents Whilst At Work

Avoiding accidents at work.

Nobody wants to have an accident at work, but if you have suffered a work related injury you could be entitled to workers compensation.

Employers have a duty of care to make the workplace as safe as possible. However in spite of Health and Safety Regulations, accidents at work remain a common place everyday occurrence.

Follow our simple tips to avoid the likelihood of a work related accident.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Be fully alert at all times, this is especially true if you work in a dangerous environment. Your employer should provide you with appropriate safety equipment that is in good condition. You should also be trained as to how and when to use it.

One of your employer's primary responsibilities is to a provide safe working environment. The building in which you work should be fit for the purpose for which it is used. This includes any safety requirements, including installing fire alarms or water sprinklers.

Report faulty equipment.

If you come across any faulty equipment whilst you are working, then report it to the person responsible. 

Do not smoke or drink alcohol whilst at work.

Avoid smoking on the job. If you smoke during your break, ensure all cigarettes are fully extinguished to avoid creating a fire hazard. Never drink alcohol on the job as it could interfere with your attention and reaction times.

Following these tips could help you to avoid being involved in an accident whilst at work.

However if you have already had an accident at work, you could be entitled to claim a compensation payout from your employer.

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