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Use These Tips to Lower Your Insurance Premiums

angry birdThese days, it’s very difficult to find an insurance provider that offers good rates. There are also many different aspects of insurance to take into account – such as what type of car or vehicle you own, how old you are, the condition of your driving record and where you live. Even your occupation can play a part in how much you pay per year.

Here are 5 ways that you can get your quote as low as possible:

Research what vehicles are in the lower car insurance groups – for example, both the Fiat Punto and the Nissan Micra feature in this group. They both have very small engine sizes – the bigger the engine – the bigger the premium.

Consider agreeing to pay extra excess; the term ‘excess’ refers to the amount that you will pay towards the repair of your vehicle in the case of an accident. There is voluntary and compulsory excess. For the former, you decide how much you want to pay and with the latter, it needs to be agreed with your insurer – the higher the excess, the lower the premium.

By keeping your car inside a locked garage at night, you can gain a lower premium. This practice will lower the chances of it being damaged or even stolen. You can expect a reward from insurance companies, in the form of lower premiums by following their advice and lowering the risk of damage or theft.

By installing a security device such as an alarm or even a steering wheel lock stick you can lower the chances of your vehicle getting stolen.

Be sure to look around before you commit to any

Using price comparison tools online to save by comparing quotes helps you save money and trouble.

The last consideration is the price of having an accident without a policy. The price of that can be astronomical especially if the collision is major. You could get sued for damages to people or to property. Your car may be scrapped.

It really is the right thing to do to secure insurance for your vehicle. It’s something that will not detract from your peace of mind. You’ll be covered for all kinds of risks by your insurance company.