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If your hearing has been damaged because of your job, call us at Imperium Law to find out about making a claim.

Our hearing loss solicitors have a proven track record of winning workers claims. We can get you the compensation you deserve, just call 0800 633 5730 for legal advice and a review of your claim.

Hearing loss case example:

A former police motorbike unit member brought a claim against the transport police for the hearing damage he had suffered carrying out his role.

Manchester based officer Mr H had worked for the British Transport Police for over a decade, riding bikes of between 650cc and 1100cc responding to emergency calls across the rail network.

After retirement at 56 years of age, he began to notice that his hearing had been damaged and was experiencing a constant ringing in the ears.

After a medical examination it was shown that he was suffering from mild tinnitus, and investigation revealed this was caused by his job.

Mr H believed that the British Transport Police had done nothing to protect his hearing over the course of his employment. He decided to make a claim against his former employer because he was never offered hearing tests or issued with the proper equipment to prevent hearing loss.

The evidence provided led to the BTP settling his case and agreeing a £6,500 payout.

Successful hearing loss claims.

It is important to choose a specialist hearing loss solicitor to represent you when making a claim for compensation.

By choosing our team at Imperium Law you are ensuring that you receive advice and help from solicitors who have for years been successfully winning deafness claims.

In addition to legal expertise, our senior hearing claims expert Philip Jackson also has a medical understanding of hearing loss which has led to a highly successful track record of winning compensation payouts.

  • We can offer you representation on a 'No Win-No Fee' basis.
  • We can make a free review of your case.
  • We can advise whether you are entitled to make a claim.
  • We can evaluate your case to suggest the likely compensation payout.

Call us free on 0800 633 5730 to find out about making a claim.

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