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Hearing loss payouts – increasing your chances of claims success

Choosing the right solicitor is the most crucial factor to claims success.

At Imperium Law our specialist hearing loss solicitors have over 30 years collective experience successfully claiming compensation for employees with hearing damage.

If you believe your hearing loss happened because of your job, we can help you make a claim. We have won payouts for many workers suffering occupational hearing loss.

Claim case example:

Our team won £4,750 in compensation for a road maintenance worker from South Yorkshire.

Mr H a 56 year old road maintenance worker, suffered hearing damage because of operating a jack-hammer without being provided with ear defenders by his employer.

If you have suffered work-related hearing damage you are entitled to claim compensation.

Mr H’s employer, a South Yorkshire local authority, denied his claim saying that it did not believe that he was suffering from damaged hearing.

At Imperium Law we are dedicated to winning our clients the settlement they deserve. We fight for the best settlement possible.

After further investigation and using the testimony of a hearing loss expert, we were able to prove that our client:

  1. was suffering hearing damage
  2. his hearing loss was caused by his job
  3. the local authority had been negligent by not providing him with ear protectors

Our solicitors proved his employer was liable and negotiated a £4,750 payout.

Making a hearing loss claim

We work on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, call 0800 633 5730 to discuss your claim.

To make a successful claim for hearing damage against your employer, you need to visit your doctor and ask for a hearing test to prove the extent of the damage. Once you have a report detailing your hearing loss we can go about proving your claim.

Why choose Imperium Law?

Hearing loss claims are different to other personal injury claims, they require a solicitor with medical understanding. We have expert solicitors who specialise in hearing loss claims, their knowledge and experience mean that by contacting us you are choosing the right solicitors to represent you.

  • We can establish if you have a claim against your employer.
  • We can investigate your case and provide the evidence necessary to prove your claim.
  • We are dedicated to winning your claim and obtaining the best possible settlement.

Contact us to find out how much you could claim

Compensation awards vary according to the nature and severity of the damage, call us to find out what a similar claim has paid out.

If you or someone you know has suffered work-related hearing damage call us on 0800 633 5730 for ‘No Win No Fee’ legal advice.

Alternatively you can fill in our call-back form and a solicitor will be in touch to discuss your claim.

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If you have suffered hearing loss, call 0800 633 5730 for claims advice.

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