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Wining your occupational hearing loss claim.

Occupational deafness or Noise Induce Hearing Loss (NIHL), is a deterioration in hearing over a prolonged period caused by noise in the workplace.

Thousands of workers in the UK are affected by industrial deafness, and there are many industries where workers are at risk.

A call to Imperium Law could get you the settlement you deserve.

Those most likely to be affected work in engineering, mining, shipbuilding, metal working and in factories where noisy machinery is used.

At Imperium Law we can help you win your claim against your employer. We have successfully acheived many successful hearing loss payouts on behalf of our clients.

Who is at fault for your NIHL?

The Noise at Work Act was introduced in 1989 with strict rules to protect the health and safety of workers.

If you work in a noisy environment your employer is required where possible, to make changes to reduce noise and make the workplace quieter. If this is not possible than you should be provided with ear defenders to protect your hearing.

If your employer has failed to protect you and your hearing has become impaired you are entitled to compensation.

Making a successful claim for occupational deafness.

To be able to prove that your hearing was damaged at work you will need to visit your doctor for a hearing test. The test or audiogram will show the extent to which your hearing has been impaired.

Once hearing loss is proved and the type of hearing loss is established, we can help you make a claim.

Our solicitors have won many hearing loss claims, we are here to get you the settlement you deserve.

Why choose us?

  • We have won payouts for many workers who have suffered hearing loss.
  • We can get you compensation to cover superior quality hearing aids.
  • We can help you claim any state benefits you may be entitled to for work related hearing loss.
  • We are dedicated to getting you the best settlement possible.
  • We work on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis so you only pay a fee if we successfully win your case.

How much might your claim be worth?

Claim amounts vary according to the circumstances and severity of hearing loss.

For example compensation of £19,372 was recently awarded to a 62 year old engineer who suffered hearing loss after prolonged periods of exposure to loud, high-pitched tonal noise from amplifiers at work.

To find out how large a payout you could receive contact one of our specialist solicitors to review your claim.

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