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Claiming compensation for industrial deafness.

If you have experienced hearing loss, you could claim compensation from your employer.

Call Imperium Law on 0800 633 5730 to make an industrial deafness claim.

Hearing loss symptoms.

There are many symptoms with hearing loss. If because of your work, you now experience any of these symptoms, you could be entitled to make a noise induced hearing claim:

  • Do you experience ringing, hissing or buzzing in your ears?
  • Is your loss of hearing causing you to be depressed?
  • Are your ears painful or itchy?
  • Are you experiencing vertigo?
  • Do you now have difficulty understanding what people are saying, does this cause you stress?
  • Do you now experience muffled hearing and have difficultly distinguishing specific words?

If you worked in a noisy factory but you were never given ear protectors, you could be entitled to claim compensation if you have suffered hearing loss.

For many it is quite often the case that they are not aware their hearing is impaired. This is particularly true when the loss has been gradual over a period of several years. Usually it is family members who notice first, for example the T.V. has got louder and louder.

Noise induced hearing loss is rarely painful, it occurs gradually. Most people notice a feeling of fullness in their ears, muffled speech or ringing in the ears.

When the exposure to noise ends people assume their hearing will return to normal, however this is not the case.

Contact a solicitor to find out if you can claim for hearing loss.

If your hearing has been affected by your job, you could be entitled to make a hearing loss claim for compensation.

Call a compensation lawyer at Imperium Law to discuss your case. We can assess your case and advise how large a settlement you are likely to receive.

Call 0800 633 5730 and speak to a specialist compensation solicitor to see if you are entitled to make a compensation claim for industrial deafness.

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