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Tinnitus – how to win your claim.

To pursue and win a claim you will need to prove your tinnitus was caused by exposure to loud noise caused by negligence.

Imperium Law can help you prove your claim, we have years of experience winning tinnitus compensation payouts.

While today health and safety in the workplace is treated very seriously, up until the 1990s many workers were not protected from noise at work.

The danger of workplace noise has been known by employers for decades, and from the mid 1960s all workers should have been provided with ear protectors. While the dangers were known many employers failed to take measures to protect their workers.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can affect one or both ears, and it is an intermittent or permanent buzzing, whistling, ringing or hissing. It is a condition which can be distressing as it can affect concentration and disturb sleep.

What causes tinnitus?

There are various causes. The most common is exposure to noise at work.

If you suffer tinnitus and it can be proved it was caused by workplace negligence you are entitled to a payout.

Making a claim for compensation.

Establishing that you are suffering from tinnitus is the first step to making a claim.

  • You will need to see a medical professional for a hearing test, a written report will be required detailing the extent of the damage.
  • With our help you will need to show that the times you were exposed to excessive noise, your employer could have foreseen that hearing damage could be sustained.
  • With our help you will need to show that your employer was negligent and failed to protect you from noise at work.

How much compensation might I get?

According to the British Association of Otolaryngologists tinnitus is graded as slight, mild, moderate, severe and catastrophic. The sum awarded depends on the extent of your injury and what caused the damage.

For example, for those suffering ‘catastrophic’ tinnitus the Judicial Studies Board guidelines set compensation at between £19,500 – £30,000. However as each tinnitus sufferer has differing levels of pain and suffering, compensation awards vary depending on individual circumstances.

We are ‘No Win-No Fee’ solicitors and so you will only pay our costs if we successfully win you a payout.

Is there a time limit to making a claim?

Claims must be made within three years of becoming aware of the injury. As soon as your symptoms become apparent you should speak to a solicitor for legal advice.

Why choose Imperium Law to represent you?

At Imperium Law we have specialist solicitors with many years experience successfully winning personal injury compensation payouts. We are dedicated to getting the best settlement appropriate to each of our clients’ cases.

If you would like to discuss your claim in more detail contact one of our personal injury experts.

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