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With our help a road maintenance worker from South Yorkshire has received a £4,750 hearing loss payout.

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Our solicitors were contacted by Mr H, a 56 year old South Yorkshire local authority road maintenance worker. He had suffered Noise Induced Hearing Loss which he believed had been caused by his work.

For 20 years Mr H had been employed by the local authority using jack-hammers to dig up to roads. Over the time he had been at work his employer had failed to provide ear protection, and did not warn him of the potential damage that constant loud noise could do to his hearing.

If you have suffered work-related hearing loss because of employer negligence you can claim compensation.

The local authority did not want accept the extent of Mr H's hearing loss, and was only prepared to make a very small settlement offer.  At Imperium Law our solicitors are dedicated to achieving the best possible payout for our clients, and we were not prepared to agree to the sum offered.

Medical examination proved the extent of the hearing loss and that Mr H was entitled to a larger compensation payout.

Using a report compiled by a hearing loss expert we were able to prove without doubt:

  1. Mr H had suffered hearing loss.
  2. His hearing loss was work-related.
  3. His loss of hearing was due to employer negligence.
  4. His employer was liable to pay more compensation.

The evidence we were able to provide was used to secure a far better settlement for Mr H who was awarded £4,750 in compensation.

Our solicitors have won payouts for many workers whose hearing has been damaged at work.

We can review your case to advise whether you are entitled to claim and how much compensation you could receive.

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