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Following a four year legal battle, an electrical engineer has won his claim for compensation.

Mr X an electrical engineer who worked at Newcastle Railway Station in July 2010, has recently been awarded a £90,000 payout. 

Compensation claim case.

Mr X's injury occurred as he was re-lamping light fittings at the railway station. He was working at a height of approximately 10 metres in a cherry picker used to access station lamps, when he received a powerful electric shock.

He was unscrewing a lamp when he received what was believed to be around 5000 volts. The convulsion from the shock was so intense that it tore his shoulder. The damage he sustained was so significant that it caused permanent muscle damage, which resulted in a persistent lack of upper arm strength.

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While all appropriate safety precautions had been taken by Mr X, the isolator switch used to turn off the lamp had been faulty. This meant the lamp was still live after it was switched off.

Due to the injuries sustained Mr X was no longer able to continue working as an electrical engineer. He was left unable to carry out his job which required him to hold his arms above his head and so had to resign.

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Liability for the accident.

A claim for compensation was made which took several years to settle as the four parties responsible refused to accept liability. As well as the parties involved blaming each other, they also said Mr X was a fault for relying on the isolator switch rather than making a secondary test. This was shown not to be the case, Mr X was not at fault.

Claim settlement.

The claim case was taken to court, and just prior to going to trial an out of court settlement was agreed in the amount of £90,000.

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