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Japanese Knotweed Claims

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In 2018, a landmark decision found Network Rail liable for damages for knotweed encroachment from railways onto private land. If knotweed has spread to your land from elsewhere, contact Imperium Law to see if we can help you with a No Win No Fee claim.

Knotweed is invasive and if left untreated, can cause structural damage to your property, overwhelm your garden and make your home difficult to sell. 

Leaving knotweed to continue to spread on your land is NOT an option.  Successfully treating knotweed can take several years and maybe a costly exercise.

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Making a claim for Japanese knotweed


Imperium Law can help you with your claim for Japanese Knotweed by working on a No Win No Fee basis. 

Knotweed spreads through rhizome (root) growth, growing from very small fragments of discarded/dispersed rhizomes.  It is best to obtain specialist help to treat and dispose of the rhizomes by professionals.  Japanese Knotweed is classified as controlled waste.

A knotweed rhizome, even a small fragment, can lie dormant in the ground for years and then may regrow if disturbed in any way. 

A claim for damages following the encroachment of knotweed can include the costs of removal and a possible reduction in the value of your property.  Contact Imperium Law to see if we can help ensure proper treatment is put in place to eradicate the knotweed from your property and ensure you are compensated for any loss of value to your home.

If you believe your home is affected by knotweed, Imperium Law can help if: 

  • Knotweed has spread on to your property, from neighbouring land such as railways, parks, roadside verges or sometimes even private homes
  • You recently purchased a property and the knotweed has not been identified by your surveyor

All claims are on a No Win No Fee basis, leaving knotweed is NOT an option.

If you are selling your home, you are required to state whether Japanese Knotweed is present on your property and may need to demonstrate that a treatment plan is in place before you can sell.

Contact us today to see if we can help. If we don’t win your case, you will not need to pay any costs.


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