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Medical Negligence Claims

Our team can help you make a claim

Negligence by a health professional can have serious consequences including psychological trauma, permanent damage or even death.

If an individual or organisation has failed to provide a standard accepted level of medical care, you could be entitled to make a negligence claim for compensation if you were injured by substandard treatment.

If you have been mis-diagnosed or have suffered because of a surgical procedure (such as breast implant surgery or cosmetic surgery) which has gone wrong, then you could be entitled to a payout. 

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Making a claim for medical negligence

Solicitors at Imperium Law have a wealth of experience winning medical negligence claims on behalf of patients who have suffered as a result of negligent treatment. 

We can help you make a compensation claim against the NHS, private clinics, health authorities, GPs and dentists in the following areas.

  • Careless procedures
  • Failure to warn of treatment risks
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Delayed referral
  • Medication errors
  • Failure to obtain proper consent

Our medical negligence claim representation is on a No Win No Fee’. Our solicitors offer advice to help you obtain the settlement you deserve. We will prepare your case, and liaise with all relevant parties on your behalf.

Do I have a valid claim?

For us to be successful and achieve a clinical negligence compensation award on your behalf two things must be proved.

  1. The care you received fell below the required standard of care
  2. The care you received caused you some harm

How long do I have to claim?

You have three years from either the date of the negligence, or the date you were aware of the injury or claim. Special rules apply to children and patients suffering brain injury.

Why choose us to represent you?

  1. We will always fight to obtain the best settlement for your case.
  2. We are No Win No Fee solicitors which means you don’t pay costs if you lose.

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Types of medical negligence:

Birth Injury Claims

Birth injuries can be devastating and can cause disability and life-long difficulties. Poor obstetric treatment or the failure to diagnosis a baby with birth defects can be grounds for a medical negligence claim. Whether the birth injury happened in a private or NHS hospital you are entitled to make a claim.

Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Negligent cosmetic surgery can cause pain, post-operative complications and disfigurement. While the quality of treatment offered by many surgeons is good, some have made negligent errors during the course of procedures.

Botched Surgery Claims

Due to the lack of protection cyclists and motorcyclists often suffer from serious injuries.  We understand the key issues of proving blame and winning compensation related to these types of accidents.

Bowel Cancer Claims

Statistics from Cancer Research UK show that each year bowel cancer accounts for around 10% of all UK deaths.

Any delay in detecting bowel cancer can be devastating, and in some cases failure to promptly diagnosis the disease can be fatal.

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

Birth injuries can be devastating and can cause disability and life-long difficulties. Poor obstetric treatment or the failure to diagnosis a baby with birth defects can be grounds for a medical negligence claim. Whether the birth injury happened in a private or NHS hospital you are entitled to make a claim.

Breast Surgery Claims

If you have suffered because of breast implant surgery that has gone wrong, call Imperium Law to make a claim.

If you or a loved one has suffered complications or negligent treatment during breast augmentation surgery we can help you make a claim.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Cancer services have greatly improved over the last two decades. However despite advances in the detection and treatment of the disease, mistakes sadly happen. Accurate diagnosis depends on symptoms being correctly interpreted and tests being carried out.

Delayed Fracture Diagnosis

The failure to spot a fractured bone is one of the most common complaints against Accident and Emergency departments.

If you fractured a bone which was left undiagnosed, call Imperium Law on 0800 633 5730 to find out if you are entitled to a payout.

Dental Negligence Claims

Our medical experts can review your dental negligence claim to advise if you are entitled to compensation and how large a payout you could receive.

We have solicitors skilled in dealing with negligence claims, who are dedicated to achieving the maximum payout possible.

GP Claims

If you or a family member has suffered because of substandard GP care, seek legal advice from Imperium Law. We have a team of experienced GP negligence claims solicitors dedicated to winning compensation for patients who have been misdiagnosed, or have received an inadequate level of care.

Hospital Negligence Claims

While the majority of hospital patients receive a good standard of care, treatment and procedures can and do go wrong. When the care you received was negligent or substandard and you were harmed, you are entitled to make a claim against the hospital.

NHS Mistakes

If you have suffered an injury caused by neligent NHS medical treatment, you are entitled to claim compensation.

Imperium Law can help you make a claim if you have received negligent treatment from an NHS practitioner.

Medical Compensation, A & E Errors

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or harm caused by A&E treatment, call 0800 633 5730 for legal advice. Accident and Emergency Departments are high pressure environments, however as a patient you are due a duty of care and a standard of treatment.

Medical Misdiagnosis Compensation

The misdiagnosis of an illness can be devastating. If you have been failed by the NHS, Imperium Law’s medical negligence solicitors can help you claim the compensation you deserve. We understand how traumatic a delayed or misdiagnosis can be.
Mesothelioma Compensation

Companies who have failed in their duty to protect their workforce, can be held responsible by those individuals who have gone on to develop an industrial disease. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to claim compensation for exposure to asbestos.

Skin Cancer Claims

Misdiagnosis of cancer is not only when a doctor mistakes your symptoms for another disease causing delays in treatment.

It is also when cancer is diagnosed which leads to invasive surgery when you are not suffering from cancer at all.

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