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If you have suffered injury because of sub-standard or negligent dental treatment, call Imperium Law for legal advice.

Our medical experts can review your dental negligence claim to advise if you are entitled to compensation and how large a payout you could receive.

We have solicitors skilled in dealing with negligence claims, who are dedicated to achieving the maximum payout possible.

What can you claim for?

The majority of dental injuries patients sustain can be broadly divided into two categories, which are inadequate dental technique and misdiagnosis or lack of treatment.

A dental claim can be made for:

  • Advice and consent.

Your dentist has a duty to inform you of ALL available treatment options. 

If you were led to believe there was just one treatment, for example you were told your tooth had to be extracted when in fact root canal treatment was an option, you can make a claim.

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures include veneers, crowns, implants and bridges. 

£37,500 compensation paid to a patient left unable to eat because of poorly fitted crowns.

There are pros and cons to each, which your dentist should discuss with you at length prior to treatment. You can also make claim if for example you have suffered nerve damage after dental implants or chipped teeth after a bridge has been fitted.

Failure to treat gum disease

Treatment for advanced gum disease is often painful and expensive

You can make a claim if you regularly saw the same dentist over a number of years and your gum disease was not noticed or was left untreated.

Root canal treatment

If you have received root canal treatment and your dentist has failed to remove all of the root or fill the canal properly you can make a claim.


£12,000 compensation paid to a patient who suffered nerve damage after wisdom tooth extraction.

After tooth extraction it is possible to experience nerve damage which can result in tongue numbness, loss of feeling in your lips and loss of taste. 

If your dentist has damaged nerves it may be possible to make a claim, particularly if you were not warned of the risk.

In addition it is also possible to claim if your dentist has extracted the wrong tooth.


The problems that may be associated with the use of anaesthesia include:

  • Improper dosage
  • Administering the wrong drug
  • Equipment misuse or malfunction
  • Poorly trained or informed dental staff
  • Lack of informed consent prior to the operation
  • Failure to warn of the risk of the procedure.

If after poor dental treatment you have experienced ongoing pain, need further treatment to rectify damage to your teeth or have suffered nerve damage you should seek legal advice.

Each dental claim is unique, and therefore you are advised to call us on 0800 633 5730.

Our solicitors can review your case and advise if you can claim compensation.

Dental negligence is specialist area, claims can be complex and so you must enlist the services of a solicitor who knows what they are doing.

By using Imperium Law to represent you, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands. We have years of experience successfully winning compensation payouts for our clients.

Contact us on 0800 633 5730 for claims advice if you have been injured because of sub-standard dental treatment.

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