Breast surgery claims
Breast surgery claims

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If you have suffered because of breast implant surgery that has gone wrong, call Imperium Law to make a claim.

The PiP implants scandal and compensation claims.

In 2010 the French implant manufacturer Poly Implant Prosthesis (PiP) was banned after it was discovered the silicone they used in their implants was not approved by the authorities.

Instead of using medical grade silicone to manufacture its implants, PiP was in fact using industrial grade silicone normally used for mattresses. It is estimated that around 47,000 women in the UK have PiP implants, and according to research these implants have an abnormally high rupture rate.

If you have a PiP implant and would like to discuss a potential claim call a solicitor on 0800 633 5730.

Claiming for a ruptured implant.

Implants which rupture and split can cause silicone gel to leak into the body causing scar tissue to form, this can be painful and distressing and can have long term health consequences.

If you have had breast implants which have ruptured you could be entitled to claim compensation.

With breast surgery a ruptured implant is just one thing that can go wrong. A common complication after surgery is infection, and while this is not always a sign of negligence, the failure to spot or correctly treat any infection maybe grounds for making a claim for medical negligence.

Potential breast surgery complications:

  • Haematoma.
  • Scarring because of infection.
  • A rippling of the breast caused by visible implants.
  • A reduction or loss of nipple sensation.
  • Uneven breast size.
  • Lopsided breasts.
  • Implant rupture.
  • Capsular contracture - scar tissue around the implant contracting and becoming hard.

Surgical errors can be very traumatic and may have long lasting consequences, and those in whom you have placed your trust have a duty of care to ensure your well-being and safety. 

A 65 year old Lincoln woman received £55,000 breast surgery compensation after re-constructive surgery left her with poor breast appearance, pain and restricted movement. 

Claiming medical negligence compensation.

All surgery comes with an element of risk, however you are entitled to make a claim if you received negligent treatment or suffered poor management of any complications after your procedure.

As well as receiving a payout for surgical negligence, any successful claim can also serve to expose poorly skilled or unqualified organisations carrying out cosmetic procedures.

By making a claim you can receive compensation to get your life back to normal as soon as possible, but you can also help prevent others from suffering the same fate.

If you or a loved one has suffered complications or negligent treatment during breast augmentation surgery we can help you make a claim.

Why choose Imperium Law to represent you?

  • Our solicitors have over 30 years experience successfully winning compensation claims.
  • We can get you the payout you deserve.
  • We work on a 'No Win-No' Fee basis so you only pay a fee if we win your case.

Be advised that there are strict time limits to making a claim so act now and call to discuss your case.

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successful claims...

£3,375 public liability payout after a slip on a hospital floor.

Imperium win compensation for a woman who injured her wrist in a fall.

£3,800 RTA compensation  paid to an injured motorist.

Imperium win a payout for a driver injured in a car accident.

“£8,750 in compensation paid to an employee injured at work."

Imperium win a 4 figure settlement for a worker injured falling off a ladder.

“£4,000 paid out in personal injury compensation after a night out"

Imperium Law's injury team win a compensation payout for a young woman injured in a bar.

“£40,000 in workers compensation for warehouse operative's broken foot"

Thanks to Imperium Law Leicestershire worker receives a five figure compensation payout.

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