Health and safety issues
Health and safety issues

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Workplace Health & Safety issues.

If your employer has contravened Health and Safety regulations and you have been injured, Imperium Law can help you claim compensation.

Whilst at work your employer has a duty to protect you from harm and inform you of any health and safety issues that may affect you.

Health & Safety Regulations

Your employer is legally obligated to protect you from injury at work, and all workplace health and safety arrangements should be continually reviewed.

Regulations are in place governing the use and maintenance of equipment and workplace training. If your employer fails to implement an adequate Health and Safety policy and you are hurt, compensation could be due if you can prove any injury was your employer's fault

If it can be shown your work injury was caused by employer negligence, our 'No Win-No Fee' injury solicitors can help you claim a compensation payout.

Accidents at work.

If you suffer an injury at work the incident should be logged in your employer's accident book. If you have an accident you should ensure your injury is recorded as it will help with any subsequent compensation claim.

Your employer is also required to report any accidents and diseases to the local Health and Safety department which prevent workers from doing their job for more than 3 days.

If you have had an accident it is advisable to check that your employer has correctly reported the incident.

Claiming compensation

If you have been injured and think it was your employer's fault, you should seek legal advice to find out if you have a valid claim.

Any claim for compensation must be made against your employer within three years of the date of accident. It is advisable that as soon as you are injured you seek legal advice.

Make a 'risk free' claim by contacting one of our 'No Win-No Fee' solicitors.

Can you make a claim?

If after reviewing your case we believe we can show your employer was negligent and responsible for your injury, you can make a claim for compensation.

Our solicitors are here to get you the maximum payout possible. We work on a 'No Win-No Fee', and so you only pay our costs if we successfully win your claim.

We are experts at representing workers who have been injured because their employer has contravened Health & Safety regulations.

Call us free on 0800 633 573 for no-obligation claim advice.




successful claims...

“£8,750 in compensation paid to an employee injured at work."

Imperium win a 4 figure settlement for a worker injured falling off a ladder.

“£4,750 payout for industrial hearing loss awarded to road maintenance worker."

Imperium Law help Mr H win his claim for compensation against a local authority.

“£1,000 clinical negligence compensation for Devon hospital patient"

Imperium Law's negligence team win a payout for a patient left with a gauze pack in her body.

£5,500 NIHL compensation  paid to a tanker work.

Imperium win a payout for an engine room worker's hearing loss.

“£4,000 paid out in personal injury compensation after a night out"

Imperium Law's injury team win a compensation payout for a young woman injured in a bar.

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