Hearing loss payouts
Hearing loss payouts

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Winning the maximum payout for your hearing loss.

With our specialist knowledge of both the legal and medical issues involved in making a hearing loss claim, Imperium can get you the largest payout possible.

To find out if you can claim call 0800 633 5730, we can advise how much compensation you could be due.

Suffering hearing loss?

It is your employer's duty to protect you from harm at work, and this includes damage to your hearing.

Hearing loss can be sudden after experiencing a loud noise or it can occur slowly over a prolonged period. 

If you work in a noisy environment and now have difficulty hearing clearly, or suffer from a persistent ringing or buzzing in your ears, you should make an appointment for a hearing test.

If after a medical examination it is proved that your hearing has been damaged, we can claim compensation on your behalf for your pain and suffering.

Whichever type of hearing loss you have experienced we have the expertise to help prove your claim.

We have represented many employees whose hearing has been damaged, and have successfully achieved payouts on their behalf.

Contact one of our specialist solicitors on 0800 633 5730 to take you through the claims process.

Imperium Law claim example.

Our solicitors, under the guidance of our company director specialist hearing loss lawyer Philip Jackson, achieved a £4,750 payout for a Yorkshire road maintenance worker.

Despite his employer's initial refusal to consider his claim, stating they did not believe he had suffered hearing damage we persevered and won him a payout.

Using the testimony of a hearing loss expert we were able to prove the extent of his hearing damage and the fact it was caused by his job. His employer admitted liability and agreed a £4,750 settlement.

Imperium Law are specialist hearing loss solicitors. We never give in, we are 100% committed to getting the maximum compensation award for every claimant we represent.

How much could your claim be worth?

We work on a 'No Win-No Fee' basis, we only charge a fee if we get you a payout.

Claim values vary according to the circumstances which caused the injury and the extent of the damage - whether it is partial, total and includes tinnitus.

Claim examples :

  • Compensation for mild or occasional tinnitus up to £9,000
  • Compensation for severe tinnitus and hearing loss up to £25,000.
  • Compensation for deafness in both ears up to £70,000.

These figures are a guide, how much you could claim depends on your individual case. In some cases the payout could be higher.

To find out how much compensation you could receive speak to a solicitor on 0800 633 5730.

We will review the circumstances of your hearing loss to advise what a similar claim has paid out.

Contact us for 'No Win-No Fee' legal advice and speak to a hearing loss lawyer.


successful claims...

“£4,750 payout for industrial hearing loss awarded to road maintenance worker."

Imperium Law help Mr H win his claim for compensation against a local authority.

“£40,000 in workers compensation for warehouse operative's broken foot"

Thanks to Imperium Law Leicestershire worker receives a five figure compensation payout.

£5,500 NIHL compensation  paid to a tanker work.

Imperium win a payout for an engine room worker's hearing loss.

“£27,000 work injury payout for dentist suffering occupational asthma"

Imperium Law win dentist's compensation claim case. 

£7,500 work injury compensation  paid to a forklift driver.

Imperium win a payout for worker injured in a fall.

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