Injured because of incorrect work procedures
Injured because of incorrect work procedures

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Injuries caused by incorrect work processes and procedures.

Have you suffered an injury because of incorrect work procedures? If you have it may be possible to claim compensation from your employer.

As an employee you have the right to work in a safe environment, and it is your employer's responsibility to ensure you are kept safe from harm.

However not all employers are as thorough as they should be with their workplace risk assessment, and allow unsafe work practices and procedures to continue.

Dangerous practices and procedures that can lead to injury at work include:

  • The use of tables and chairs in place of ladders, and ladders in place of scaffolding.
  • The use of tools not suitable for the job in hand.
  • The failure to provide workers with suitable personal protective equipment.
  • The failure to implement suitable cleaning procedures to remove slip and trip hazards.
  • The failure to repair potholes or other hazards.
  • Allowing workers to operate dangerous machinery with little or no training.
  • Allowing workers to lift heavy objects without the correct training or equipment.
  • Allowing workers to be exposed to dangerous substances.

We can help you claim compensation for injury because of unsafe work practices and procedures.

Making a claim.

There are strict time limits to making workplace injury compensation claims. You must begin your claim within 3 years of the date of your injury. For further information and to discuss your case in more detail, you are advised to call one of our solicitors on 0800 633 5730.

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We work on a 'No Win – No Fee' basis and so you only pay our fee if we successfully win your claim.

Call us on 0800 633 5730 to discuss your case. We can advise if you have a valid compensation claim.



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