Medical Compensation, A&E errors
Medical Compensation, A&E errors

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A&E Departments provide a vital service to the public, but when things go wrong and patients are harmed errors can be catastrophic.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or harm caused by A&E treatment, call 0800 633 5730 for legal advice.

Visiting an Accident and Emergency Department is usually because we need urgent medical treatment. While most staff offer an excellent service, sometimes things go wrong.

Accident and Emergency Departments are high pressure environments, however as a patient you are due a duty of care and a standard of treatment.

Medical staff can make mistakes and the consequences of making an error can prove very serious for the patient.

If your treatment fell short of the accepted standard and you suffered an injury, you should seek legal advice to find out if you are entitled to claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

You can call a medical negligence specialist at Imperium Law on 0800 633 5730 to find out how to claim.

How Imperium Law can help you.

We can review the circumstances of your case and advise if you could be due a payout. If we believe you have a case to answer we can offer you 'No Win-No Fee' legal representation.

Our specialist personal injury team has years of experience successfully winning compensation, and are dedicated to winning the maximum payout possible.

Claim case example:

£200,000 compensation payout for the family of a patient who died after visiting A&E.

The family of a 31 year old man who died after visiting a London A&E Department has recently won their case for compensation.

The young man visited A&E suffering flu like symptoms and confusion. He was assessed in the minor injuries unit by a GP, who reassured him that he was fine. He was then discharged and sent home.

Sadly the next day he collapsed and died. After a full investigation of the facts surrounding his death, two independent medical experts concluded that had he been treated with broad spectrum antibiotics when he visited A&E he would have survived.

A claim was made against the NHS by his family. Liability was initially denied, however after negotiation the family's claim was accepted and a £200,000 settlement was paid out.

Making a claim against the NHS.

With NHS resources under increasing pressure mistakes in hospitals are increasing in frequency. Patients who have suffered harm at the hands of a health carer are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering.

We can help you claim if you were harmed by:

  • the failure to correctly record your patient history.
  • the failure to properly note your symptoms.
  • the failure to carrying out correct investigations such X-rays, scans and blood tests.
  • the failure to correctly interpret test results.
  • the failure to correctly read X-rays.
  • the failure to admit you for treatment or observation.

In cases where hospital errors have led to a fatality, the family of the deceased is entitled to make a claim.

If you or a loved one have been:

  • harmed during medical treatment.
  • misdiagnosed by a health care professional.
  • received substandard care while visiting A&E.

you can find out about making a claim by calling 0800 633 5730.

Why choose us to represent you?

When you choose Imperium Law to represent you can be sure that you will receive the best representation possible.

We have years of experience successfully winning claims and are 100% dedicated to achieving the maximum payout possible.

We offer a free no-obligation claim review, and if we believe there is a case to answer we can represent you on a 'No Win-No Fee' basis.

To discuss making a claim call us for free on 0800 633 5730, alternatively fill in our call back form and we'll be in touch at a time that suits you.


successful claims...

£7,500 work injury compensation  paid to a forklift driver.

Imperium win a payout for worker injured in a fall.

“£8,750 in compensation paid to an employee injured at work."

Imperium win a 4 figure settlement for a worker injured falling off a ladder.

£3,375 public liability payout after a slip on a hospital floor.

Imperium win compensation for a woman who injured her wrist in a fall.

“£1,000 clinical negligence compensation for Devon hospital patient"

Imperium Law's negligence team win a payout for a patient left with a gauze pack in her body.

“£4,000 paid out in personal injury compensation after a night out"

Imperium Law's injury team win a compensation payout for a young woman injured in a bar.

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