Specialist industrial disease claims solicitors.
Specialist industrial disease claims solicitors.

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The right industrial disease claims advice is vital in winning a payout.

If you have suffered injury, choosing a specialist law firm with extensive experience representing industrial disease cases is crucial if you are to win the maximum payout possible.

As an employee you are owed a 'duty of care'. If your employer has failed to keep you safe from harm and you are now ill you are entitled to seek compensation.

If you are suffering from a work related disease which developed as the result of your employer's failure to protect you, call us at Imperium Law on 0800 633 5730. 

Employer responsibility.

Since 1974 there have been Health and Safety Laws in place to protect workers employed in hazardous environments from going on to develop an occupational disease.

Employers are required by the law to:

  • Provide safety equipment such as protective clothing.
  • Follow health and safety guidelines to reduce the risk of exposure to harm.
  • Advise employees of the risk they face working in a hazardous environment.

Exposure to hazardous substances in a dangerous working environment can increase the risk of long term illness.

While some illnesses become apparent straight away others are slow progressing and only become apparent many years after the initial exposure.

Asbestos related cancers.

This is the case for workers who are now suffering from illnesses such as asbestosis. Workers may be fine for years as the effects of the disease can take up to two decades to develop.

If you, a family member or a friend has worked in the construction industry, were exposed to asbestos and are now experiencing health problems such as difficulty breathing seek medical advice and an examination.

A claim cannot be made unless there is evidence of the illness, once you have this we can go about proving your disease developed after exposure to hazardous substances at work.

If you are diagnosed with an industrial illness seek legal advice immediately after diagnosis.

The next step in the process is to call 0800 633 5730 and speak to one of our illness team to discuss your options in claiming against your employer.

Even if you no longer work for the same employer where you were exposed to a dangerous substance, we can still make a claim for you by tracing your old employer and their insurers.

Claim time limits.

When seeking compensation it is vital to seek legal advice and make a claim within 3 years of becoming aware of your illness or being diagnosed with a disease.

Call one of our experts for free initial 'No Win-No Fee' legal advice, find out how much you could claim for your pain and suffering.

To find out about claiming against your employer call us for free on 0800 633 5730.


successful claims...

“£27,000 work injury payout for dentist suffering occupational asthma"

Imperium Law win dentist's compensation claim case. 

£3,800 RTA compensation  paid to an injured motorist.

Imperium win a payout for a driver injured in a car accident.

“£40,000 in workers compensation for warehouse operative's broken foot"

Thanks to Imperium Law Leicestershire worker receives a five figure compensation payout.

“£14,000 in personal injury compensation paid to an elderly lady after a fall."

Imperium Law win compensation for a lady injured climbing into a taxi.

£5,500 NIHL compensation  paid to a tanker work.

Imperium win a payout for an engine room worker's hearing loss.

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