Winter road accident claims
Winter road accident claims

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To find out about claiming compensation for a road traffic accident caused by ice not being cleared up by the relevant local authority, call 0800 633 5730.

When you call Imperium Law you will be assigned a specialist road traffic claims solicitor to work on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.

Ours is 'No Win-No Fee' representation, and so you do not need to worry about paying our costs.

Road traffic accidents are more common in winter and drivers can suffer serious injury or death.

Who is responsible for clearing public highways?

Winter is a hazardous time for drivers as icy roads make driving conditions difficult. The chances of having an accident greatly increase for winter road users as freezing temperatures make roads treacherous.

It is the local authority's responsibility to maintain primary road routes, and it the Highways Agency's responsibility to maintain motorway routes. Both are required to clear snow and ice from the roads which is commonly done by spreading grit.

When roads are not adequately gritted snow settles and ice forms making driving conditions dangerous, increasing the risk of an accident.

According to the AA road gritting is a postcode lottery and some roads have priority over others. Therefore when preparing a journey in icy conditions, it is worth checking council websites which list details of which roads are to be gritted, as that way you can plan the safest route possible.

If you have an accident on a road with has been left untreated you can make a claim for compensation.

If you have had an accident in snow or on ice that was not your fault, or you have suffered the loss of a loved one killed in an accident because the relevant authority neglected to grit the road, you are entitled to make a claim.

A call to one of our highly skilled solicitors can get you the payout you deserve to help you move forward with your life. While compensation cannot make up for the loss of a loved one, it can offer a level of financial security to allow you to concentrate on re-building your life without having to worry about money.

Why choose us to make your winter road accident claim?

  • We are dedicated to winning our clients the maximum payout possible for their injures.
  • We always aim to win the compensation award as quickly as possible as this means you can move on and put the accident behind you as soon as possible.
  • As well as a settlement for pain and suffering, we can also claim for hospital trips, loss of earnings due to work absences and any ongoing care you might need such as physiotherapy.
  • We are by your side through every step of the claims process.
  • We are 'No Win-No Fee' solicitors.

To find out if you have a valid claim for compensation call and speak to a specialist RTA lawyer on 0800 633 5730.

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