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Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employers have a legal duty to ensure that their employees are kept safe from harm at work.

If you have been injured at work because of poor health and safety standards or by a lack of health and safety training, Imperium Law can help you make a compensation claim.

Compensation payouts for workplace injury can be significant, for instance a Sellafield worker received a seven figure payout after suffering a serious accident whilst at work.

The 64 year old grandfather was a mechanical fitter for Johnson Controls, a firm sub-contracted to Sellafield, where he worked as a banksperson directing vehicles around the site.

By making a claim you could help protect other workers from injury in the future.

He was knocked down by a mobile elevated working platform which was being driven by a Johnson Controls’ employee. His leg was crushed, and the injury sustained was so extensive that his leg had to be amputated.

An investigation by the HSE revealed that prior to his injury, he and other staff had escorted MEWPs on foot several times a month for over a year.

The only health and safety advice offered by his employer during this time, was to wear a high visibility waistcoat while directing vehicles.

Johnson Controls was found to be in breach of health and safety regulations, and was ordered to pay compensation of over £1 million.

As well as being ordered to pay compensation, Johnson Controls was also issued with a notice to devise a safe system, and provide relevant training to protect workers driving and escorting MEWPs.

Imperium Law are ‘No Win-No Fee’ solicitors – you only pay our costs if we win you a payout.

Claims cases not only provide injured workers with the compensation they deserve, but they also seek to highlight health and safety failings.

If you have been injured because of a health and safety breach call a solicitor on 0800 633 5730.

There are various types of accident that can happen when health and safety rules are breached. The type of injury you could sustain depends on your occupation. As well as injury and disability some workers have even been killed.

Injuries include:

  • Broken bones.
  • Chemical burns.
  • Blunt force trauma.
  • Industrial deafness.
  • COPDs.
  • Loss of limbs.

Employer responsibility:

Your employer has a duty to ensure that your working conditions are safe and that workers, contractors or visitors to the workplace are kept safe from harm.

  • Safety equipment must be provided.
  • Adequate training must be given on all machinery.
  • Equipment must be kept in good working condition.
  • Faulty equipment must be repaired or replaced.

If you have been injured at work you should report the accident to your employer and any union representative. Ensure your injury is correctly written up in the company accident book.

How can Imperium Law help with your claim?

If a loved one has died because of a health and safety breach at work, you can make a claim against their employer.

Our industrial injury experts have successfully claimed compensation for many injured workers. We are dedicated to achieving the maximum compensation payout for our clients.

Call us to review your case and advise what similar claims have paid out.

There is a time limit to making a claim (3 years from injury date) therefore you are advised to act as soon as you have been injured.

Call a work injury solicitor on 0800 633 5730 to confidentially discuss your claim.

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