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Medical negligence claims rise in number year on year.

The number of patients making negligence claims after suffering injury because of substandard NHS treatment has been rising year on year for the past decade.

While there are those who cite the ease of making claims using 'No Win-No Fee' legal representation as the reason for the increase, the truth is patients who have received substandard care and have been harmed by poor treatment and infection feel obliged to claim to highlight health care failings.

One area which has seen a significant increase is after treatment infection claims.

Infection after NHS treatment is rising, according to the National Institution for Health and Care Excellence 1 in 16 patients pick up an infection while in hospital. This means there are approximately 300,000 patients infected each year and so in this area alone there is no wonder claim numbers are on the up.

Contracting an infection in hospital such as MRSA can seriously hinder patient recovery, and patients have a right to seek an apology and compensation for the pain, distress and harm they have suffered.

Annually NHS payouts are almost £19 billion and while some cases are minor others are more serious and life threatening. Whatever the level of harm caused, negligence treatment should be highlighted and the medical professional whose treatment has been substandard should be accountable.

There is growing awareness among patients that if their medical treatment fell below an acceptable standard they have a right to make a claim. Sadly the NHS is failing some patients who have receive suffered poor care.

Working out whether or not to proceed with a claim.

If you have suffered harm because of negligent medical care you should enlist the service of a law firm with the right legal experience and medical claims knowledge.

At Imperium Law we have extensive experience making injury claims. We can advise you on the merits of your claim and its likely chance of claims success.

It is important for two reasons that patients continue to make claims for injuries caused by substandard care.

  1. It highlights hospital failings and pushes health-carers to tighten up procedures so mistakes don't happen.
  2. It enable individuals to seek a payout to compensate them for their pain & suffering as well as providing money for any rehabilitation needed to enable a successful recovery.

If you have been injured during a negligent NHS medical procedure, call for free initial legal advice on 0800 633 5730.

We can make a review of the circumstances of your case and advise if you are entitled to claim.

To find out if you can claim NHS compensation call and speak to our specialist legal team on 0800 633 5730 or fill in our contact form and we'll call you back at a convenient time.