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Winning your work-related deafness claim.

If you are suffering from hearing loss caused by employer negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. Choosing the right solicitor is vital to claims success.

At Imperium Law we have a specialist team of hearing loss solicitors with the expertise you need to win your claim. We have won compensation for many workers whose hearing has been damaged through their job.

Since the introduction of the Noise at Work Act 1989, all employers have a legal responsibility to protect their workers from hearing damage.

Improvements in Health and Safety at work have reduced the number of people affected by hearing damage. However in the UK there are still thousands of workers employed in noisy environments whose hearing is at risk.

People working in factories with noisy machinery or employed in industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, construction and metal working are at particular risk. However anyone working in a noisy environment can be affected if they are not given ear defenders by their employer.

Your employer must provide you with adequate ear protection, if they have failed to do so and your hearing has been damaged you could make a claim and receive a payout.

Claim example:

A claim was recently settled on behalf of a 58 year old former RMT electrician who received £6,000 in compensation in settlement of his industrial deafness claim.

He had worked for the firm Stothert & Pitt in the 1970s where he was exposed to excessive noise in the foundry, and for Isis Plant in the 1980s where he was exposed to high levels of noise while servicing and repairing construction equipment.

Both employers failed to provide him with appropriate protection which was shown to have caused his hearing damage.

While he was no longer employed by these two firms and there is a time limit to making a personal injury claim, he was able to make a claim because the time limit is three years from when you notice the hearing loss symptoms occurring.

Can I claim for noise-induced deafness?

Some illnesses do not come to light for many years after you have left a job, however regardless of this situation solicitors at Imperium Law can still help you make a claim.

After a hearing loss diagnosis and an investigation, we can make a claim on your behalf if we can show your employer was at fault.

Even if a former employer has ceased trading we can investigate to find the insurers so that we can make a claim.

Acoustic Trauma Claims.

In many cases hearing loss occurs gradually over time through prolonged exposure to noise. However increasingly we are being contacted by call centre workers, whose hearing has been damaged because they have been provided with poor quality telephone headsets at work.

The growth of the call centre has led to hearing damage known as acoustic shock which occurs after experiencing a sudden loud or high pitched noise.

If, for example you worked for BT as an engineer and used a ‘green set’ you can make a claim if your hearing has been damaged.

BT has now accepted that it was at fault for allowing its workers to continue to use this equipment, which means claims for tinnitus and hearing damage are now far easier to prove now negligence has been established.

If you would like to make a claim, call a hearing loss solicitor to review your case.

We work on a ‘No Win-No Fee’ basis which means we only ask you to pay our costs if you receive a payout.

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