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Types of Hearing Loss and Industrial Deafness Claims

Industrial deafness is caused by being continually exposed to loud noise in the workplace. Continual loud noise and sudden loud noise can affect workers in many ways with their being four main hearing loss types that can occur as a result. These are tinnitus, acoustic trauma, temporary hearing loss and permanent hearing loss.


Tinnitus can be caused by other medical conditions, but it is most often caused by being subjected to industrial noise. Sufferers can expect to hear buzzing, ringing, hissing or even whirring in the ear. It can be irritating at best, and it can be highly frustrating and financially devastating at worst. Tinnutis sufferers cannot hear conversations very well and sometimes have the effect so bad that they cannot sleep at night. Tinnitus often occurs prior to acquiring more severe hearing loss.

Acoustic Trauma

This type of hearing loss is most often as a result of one or more very loud noises. It might be from gunfire or perhaps an explosion. This is the type of hearing loss that those in the military can suffer from or perhaps somebody who has had a loud noise caused by a heavy weight dropping from a height. Acoustic trauma can be described as a physical injury – such as perforated ear drums. Hearing loss of this type is usually irreversible.

Temporary Hearing Loss

Have you ever been to a concert when you’ve been subjected to loud music for a few hours? Some people suffer from temporary hearing loss as a result of attending concerts. Anybody who is exposed to noise that is above 70 or 80 decibels can experience this. It is reversible after spending up to 14 hours in a quiet environment. If you are subjected to loud noise regularly and you are getting temporary hearing loss a lot then it might be that you could eventually go on to develop permanent hearing loss.

Permanent Hearing Loss

If you have worked in a noisy environment for a number of years, then you could be at risk of suffering permanent deafness. The existence of little hairs in the ear is why we can hear. If there is too much noise and they get damaged they can get to the point where they no longer grow nor allow us to hear. Sufferers notice that certain frequencies are lost first, such as the voices of women or children.

If you have suffered any type of hearing loss acquired in the workplace then you may be able to put in a claim for compensation. Speak to your solicitor today.