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What You Need to Know About Making a Personal Injury Claim in the UK

Making UK personal injury claims for accidents at work.

Our solicitors can help you make a personal injury claim for compensation if you have been injured in a work related accident that was not your fault.

Workplace accidents are common place. According to the Health and Safety Executive approximately 600,000 people are involved in work related accidents each year. Around a third of those injured require a day off work and a further third require up to a week of work

Common work injuries involve damage to bones from slips and falls, injuries to the spine and head attract the largest compensation payouts of all.

If your employer has failed to keep you safe you can make a personal injury claim.

To reduce the number of accidents that occur in the work place it is vital that employers put the health and safety of their workers first. When an employer doesn’t adhere to health and safety  requirements, an employee is entitled to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer and make a claim for compensation.

Why choose a personal injury solicitor from Imperium Law?

We work with you to understand the degree to which your employer's negligence has contributed to your injury. We will assess your claim to work out if you are entitled to financial compensation.

To ensure the success of your claim, you should speak one of our personal injury lawyers.

One of our friendly team will work on your behalf to secure you a personal injury claim payout.

We have a team of highly qualified personal injury solicitors. Call today on 0800 633 5730 to discuss your situation.