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Our injury solicitors recently successfully settled a compensation claim for a Devon driver who was hit by an oncoming car.

If you have had an accident whilst driving call 0800 633 5730 to discuss your case and to find out if you are entitled to make a claim.

Claim case study.

A  payout of £3,800 was awarded to Mrs Y from Devon for her pain, suffering and medical treatment after her car was hit at a junction.

Details of the case:

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In the spring of this year Mrs Y was taking a car journey, and at the time of the accident she was stationary sitting at a junction waiting to pull out. A third party driver approaching the junction from behind, failed to stop and collided with the rear of her car.

In the accident Mrs Y sustained various injuries including injuries to her neck, shoulder and arm which required extensive physiotherapy.

Mrs Y was not at fault, and because of the range of injuries suffered due to the other driver’s failure to stop, she decided to make a claim for compensation. She called our injury team and retained them to pursue a claim against the third party driver. We contacted the third party insurers, who after a review of the evidence, admitted full liability for the accident.

A £3,800 settlement was agreed to compensate her for her injuries.

If you have been injured in an accident call Imperium Law, we have won payouts for many injured motorists who have made compensation claims.

Claiming compensation after a car accident.

Traffic accidents can be traumatic and injuries sustained can range from bruising and whiplash, to more serious and life changing injuries such as head trauma or spinal damage.

After being involved in an accident you are advised to contact an injury solicitor, because consulting an expert at an early stage can significantly improve your chances of a fair settlement.

Why choose us?

  • We can advise you on how to procede from the very beginning and are here for you through every step of the claims process.
  • We employ a team of injury solicitors with the right experience and expertise to get you the payout you deserve.
  • We are dedicated to winning the maximum compensation award for your pain, suffering, loss of earnings and any medical treatment you may need to get your life back on track after an injury.
  • We are ‘No Win-No Fee’ solicitors, this means you only pay us if we win you a payout.

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