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£500,000 has been agreed in work accident compensation, for a welder who suffered significant facial injury after being struck in the face by a piece of steel.

The 49 year old was employed repairing vehicles by the Hulme Group based in Manchester. The day he was injured he had been trying to weld together two pieces of steel which were being held in place by a hydraulic jack.

A former prison officer receives a £100,000 payout after slipping and falling at work.

He was struck in the face when the jack gave way, his left eye socket was shattered and the facial nerves on the left hand side of his face were severed.

Following the accident, the 49 year old welder had five operations to rebuild his eye socket, and several more to try to control facial pain. Despite all of the treatment he now has to wear a specially made prosthetic mask to protect the left hand side of his face, and he has been left unable to work.

An injury at work claim was successfully settled in his favour, and compensation of half a million pounds was agreed for his pain, suffering, medical care and loss of earnings.

If you have been injured at work call 0800 633 5730 to discuss making a claim.

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Acts 2005 and 2010 all employers have a duty to ensure employee safety, health and welfare at work.

By making a claim you can highlight the cause of your injury, which could prevent the same thing happening to another employee.

To prevent injury in the workplace your employer must:

  • Appoint a competent Health and Safety Officer.
  • Provide employees with health and safety at work training.
  • Provide employees with any necessary protective clothing and equipment.
  • Provide a safe workplace, including the maintenance of all equipment.
  • Prevent any improper conduct which could put employee safety, health and welfare at risk.
  • Prevent injury risk from the use of hazardous substances or from exposure to physical agents including noise and vibration.

While the majority of employers take their responsibility seriously and protect workers from harm, accidents do happen. If your employer has been negligent then you could be eligible for compensation and due a payout. 

If have been injured because your employer failed to protect you, call Imperium Law for legal advice.

Discrimination after making a workplace claim.

If you have been hurt but are afraid of reprisals or of being sacked if you bring a claim against your employer, don’t be. It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you.

If after making a claim you suffer unfair treatment you can take further action and make an additional claim for workplace discrimination.

After a work related injury the following steps should be taken:

£23,000 paid out to a librarian who injured her back whilst carrying books at work.

  1. Ensure your accident was correctly entered into the ‘Accident Book’.
  2. Ensure your injury was notified to the appropriate authority.
  3. Arrange a medical examination.
  4. Notify your manager of the incident.
  5. If you cannot reach an agreement with your employer contact a work injury solicitor for legal advice.

Time limits when making a claim.

There are strict time limits to making a personal injury claim, you have three years from the date of the accident.

If you have been injured at work or you are suffering from a work related disease, telephone us for free and speak to one of our ‘No Win-No Fee’ injury lawyers.

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