Vibration White Finger
Vibration White Finger

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Imperium Law are experts in handling vibration white finger compensation (VWF) claims.

Our outstanding legal services are on a “No Win - No Fee” basis, and so you only pay a fee if we win your case.

Vibration white finger is an industrial injury affecting workers operating hand-held vibrating tools such as grinders, chainsaws and pneumatic drills.

Vibrations from power tools are thought to cause blood vessel and nerve damage in the fingers. Since 1976 the link between vibrating tools and vibration white finger has been known, and your employer has a duty of care to protect you from such damage.

Your employer is required to:

  • Provide you with anti-vibration gloves.
  • Provide training on the correct use of tools.
  • Ensure you have regular breaks from operating vibrating tools.
  • Maintain and repair tools as necessary.

If you have operated hand-held vibrating machinery, and now suffer symptoms such as tingling, pins and needles, numbness or loss of feeling in your fingertips, you may have experienced nerve damage.

If your employer failed to implement safety measures to minimise your risk of developing VWF, then our solicitors can help you claim white finger compensation.

Can I make a claim?

If you, a friend or loved one has developed VWF as the result of operating hand-held vibrating machinery, then you may be due compensation.

Imperium Law are specialist vibration white finger claims solicitors.

Our dedicated solicitors have extensive knowledge and experience in this area of law, we are here to make sure you get the maximum amount compensation possible.

To find out if you are entitled to make a claim and how large a payout you are likely to receive, please call us to review your case.

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