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An NHS cardiologist who was sacked from his job after highlighting hospital failures, has won his unfair dismissal claim.

After bringing to his employer's attention the poor standards of post-operative care at his hospital, Dr Raj Mattu a leading heart surgeon, was suspended and then eventually dismissed.

Dr Mattu exposed the deaths of two patients at University Hospital Coventry who died in dangerously over crowded bays. He brought his concerns to the attention of his employer, but when he received no response he decided to go public and speak to the BBC.

Five months after being interviewed by the BBC he was suspended on full pay for bullying a junior colleague, his suspension lasted seven years. Eventually when his innocence was proved and the bullying allegations were shown to be false, he prepared to return to work. The hospital trust however made it impossible for him to return to his previous position.

Dr Mattu raised a grievance procedure and was faced with further false allegations. After taking sick leave due to the stress of his working situation he was sacked from his position.

He believed that his dismissal was unfair and took his case to tribunal where the panel ruled in his favour.

If you have been unfairly dismissed for whistle-blowing, Imperium Law can offer you expert legal advice and representation.

As well as being able to offer legal representation after you have 'blown the whistle', we can also offer advice on how to report your public interest concern in the best way to protect yourself against future reprisals.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) which is the law regulating whistle-blowing is complex, and without legal representation and expert advice you could face severe consequences if you lose.

If you are considering raising concerns over unlawful activity in the workplace, or you have raised concerns and are now being treated unfairly, our solicitors can maximise your protection under the law.

Whistle-blowing claims.

If after raising concerns over wrongdoing you are being bullied or have been sacked from your position, you could have a claim.

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