Industrial deafness protection
Industrial deafness protection

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Is your employer to blame your hearing loss? Could you be due compensation?

Your employer is required by law to provide safety equipment and training to prevent you from suffering industrial deafness.

If your hearing has been damaged at work you could be due a payout.

To find out if you have a claim against your employer, and to see how much compensation you could receive call 0800 633 5730.

Industrial hearing loss can occur after exposure to loud noise at work. This can be either sudden and unexpected, or it can occur slowly over a prolonged period.

Damage caused by excessive loud noise is known as acoustic shock or trauma. This type of hearing loss has become more common place since the development of call centres. Employees whose hearing has been damaged by the use of poor quality or defective headsets are entitled to make a claim.

Prolonged exposure to noise can cause gradual hearing damage which may not become apparent for many years. If your hearing was damaged whilst working in a noisy industrial environment such as a factory, you can make a claim even if you are no longer employed by the same company.

How much of a payout you could receive depends on the extent of your hearing damage. Read more on compensation payouts.

Protection from hearing loss.

Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) states there is a limit to the permissible level of harmful noise that an employee can be exposed to. Your hearing could be at risk if your employer has failed to adhere to the guidelines.

In certain noisy working environments there is increased risk of hearing damage, your employer should assess the risk and provide you with the appropriate training and safety equipment such as ear defenders to prevent hearing loss.

If your employer has failed to protect your hearing and you are now suffering from deafness seek legal advice to find out about claiming compensation.

How long do I have to make a claim?

There are time limits to making a claim which is 3 months from when your symptoms become apparent or you are diagnosed with hearing loss.

Upon noticing a reduction in your ability to hear you are advised to make an appointment to see a hearing loss expert who can assess the level of damage which has occurred.

Enlist the services of our specialist hearing loss lawyer Philip Jackson.

Contact us and discuss your deafness claim with our Company Director Philip Jackson. He is a hearing loss claims expert with years of experience successfully winning payouts for employees who have suffered deafness because of their job.

After reviewing your case Philip can advise if you have a claim against your employer, if you are entitled to compensation he can work out how large a payout you could be due.

It makes sense to enlist the services of our deafness claims expert, Philip has used his specialist knowledge of hearing loss law to win the maximum compensation payout for many injured workers. He works on a 'No Win-No fee' basis and so will only charge a fee if he wins your claim.

To find out about making a claim call us on 0800 633 5730 or fill in our call-back form.






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